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My new pattern the roll top rucksack

The roll top rucksack is a new pattern. An additional handle gives you the opportunity to carry the rucksack like a bag.

Alice in wonderland roll top rucksack

The rolltop rucksack is a new pattern. An additional handle gives you the opportunity to carry the rucksack like a bag.

The main compartment closes with a chunky zip and after folding or rolling the top over you secure it with a ‘swivel hook’.

The measurements are about 30cm long and 31cm wide. The full length, without closing the buckle is 42cm and the zip opening is a good 26cm.

French bull dog roll rucksack

In the front you find two pockets 14cm by 16cm.

Inside are more pockets for your bits and bobs.

I combined the light canvas with a slightly heavier fabric for the base and a cotton for the lining!

The bag is not heavy and good to carry!

Shoulder bags

The new shoulder bags are simple, practical and the style is minimalistic! They are now available in my Etsy shop.

The shoulder bag is made from a heavy weight fabric. The chunky leather strap emphasize the vibrant colours of the bag.

A very light weight shoulder bag. For the lining I used lovely fabric from liberty (trees in blue shades).

Again a minimalistic shoulder bag in a booboo style. The front pocket has a diagonal inserted zip.

The tartan rucksack soft and warm

Tartan rucksack
Red tartan rucksack

The rucksack is about 37cm wide and 41cm long. A zip, designed with a fairy, closes the front pocket (26cmwide and 41cm long). Inside are two pocket sand a loop with a small detachable purse. The loop could be used for your keys, too. I created a base to give the bag more room and character. With a thick cotton rope and a ‘stopper’ you can close the rucksack. The chunky straps are adjustable. This bright rucksack is made from good tartan and feels comfortable to wear. /£45 each

Aztec rucksack

Aztec style rucksack

This lovely rucksack is made with trendy Aztec fabric, complementary blue cotton lining and dark red canvas. The rucksack is 35cm long and 34cm wide with a small base. There are different pockets created to organize your valuables: a big YKK zip pocket at the back and two smaller at the front one with a zip (YKK). You find an additional secret pocket at the corner of the flap. Inside is another pocket and a loop, where you can attach your keys or a little purse. The two 4cm wide and approximately 1m long straps are adjustable. A chunky cotton string closes the bag and of course the flap with a tuck lock. sold

A corduroy rucksack with lots of pockets

Bright colours ready for spring

I use a different pattern for this rather big rucksack to achieve a unique and quirky look. There is one big front pocket with a white chunky zip (30cm wide by about 23cm) and two side pockets. One side pocket closes with as well with a white chunky zip and has a diagonal cut. The side pockets are good for your mobile phone and glasses or tissues … With an approximately 82cm circumference and a length of 43cm, the bag gives a lot of room for your items. Inside is an additional pocket with zip. The bag has three zipper pockets, so your valuable items should be as save as possible! £65