Belt bags

Belt bagsimage

I worked recently on a bigger sized belt bag or bum bag which are very useful different occasions: festivals , shopping, dog walking, walking … Finally I came up with a nice pattern! Here are two of the bags.

Workshops with a friend!

Envelope cushion including paper piecing!

Two weeks ago a friend and I worked on a paper piecing (the flying geese), which we then turned into an envelope cushion!

With the rest of this lovely Laura Ashley fabric we created a shopping bag for her.






Shopping bag!

She choose green colours and I love the touch of quirkiness to it.

The handles are made in the same way as you see in Straps from scraps !

We stitched the front and back  with the a French seam together.

with a pocket in the front and the long straps her designer bag is completed!

Pretty cushion and lovely bag!


Spring Rucksack

My first post after a long time!

Flower Power Rucksack

This is my big rucksack (not only for the spring) with lots of pockets, made from a lovely canvas (cotton and steel). I made this only a couple of weeks ago and it feels good to carry it.